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Mental illness.  It happens, just like physical illness.  If you had the signs and symptoms of a heart attack, you’d get help.  If you had the signs and symptoms of diabetes, you’d get help.  We’ve gone to a lot of time and trouble to make sure everyone knows the signs and symptoms of an awful lot of common diseases (and some not-so-common ones).  Mental illness is pretty darned common.   But tons of people don’t even know the signs and symptoms of mental illness, so they don’t get help.  We’re trying to get the word on the signs and symptoms of mental illness out there.  Tell all your friends.


Here are the signs and symptoms:

Five signs for mental illness
Know the five signs
    Know the five signs:

  • not feeling like yourself?
  • feeling agitated?
  • are you withdrawn?
  • not caring for yourself?
  • feeling hopeless?



  • Recognize the signs of emotional suffering
  • Express concern and offer support
  • Act now and talk to someone you trust — parent, teacher, coach, relative, friend, doctor
  • Care enough to follow through and follow-up.
  • Text SIGNS to 741-741 or call 603-448-4400 (24/7)


Take care of yourself.  Take care of others.  It matters.

(For substance abuse concerns, call 844-711-HELP or visit


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