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Accessing Newsgroup Archives by FTP

For a very limited time (now through through mid-morning April 2nd, 2017), you may access the newsgroup archives using FTP. Here are the settings you’ll need:

  • Host: archives.sff.net
  • Protocol: FTP
  • Port: 21
  • Encryption: Explicit FTP (also known as FTPS)
  • Logon type: Normal/unencrypted
  • Username: your own SFF Net username
  • Password: your own SFF Net password

You will have access by FTP to the newsgroup archives according to the access you had to the newsgroups themselves when they were running. You’ll see an Access Denied error if you try to download a group to which you don’t have access.

Sometime on April 3rd, 2017, we will shut off FTP access and remove SFF Net usernames and passwords. Thereafter, the archives will be unavailable.

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