Things to Read While Rebooting – An Awards Post of Sorts With Lots of People In it


Hey you guys. I don’t know that it will ever be easy for me to publish a ‘for-your-consideration’ post. This year, hitting send feels like hitting an oyster shell through a fog, from a moving boat, with a peashooter. I’ve been writing this post for days and days.

And yet. As I’m adding stories from others, and going back and reading them again, and seeing all of us making our voices heard in the fog, I’m strengthened by the depth and determination, the absolute clarity of word and wonder here. So I’m doing what I do and giving you a lot to pick from, as I hope it will maybe strengthen you too. There is no order to this, no rhyme or reason. Just liked ’em. Spelling may vary. Your Mileage May Vary. Don’t come cryin’ to me, I’m already there.

Much love to you all from the rainy season.

What I…

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