Seeing the Elephant

An Experienced Performer
An experienced performer : Ring-master Platt–Now Chauncey, have you ever had any experience with an elephant before, sir? Clown– No, sir, but I had a great deal of experience with a mule once


Air — “Swiss Boy.”

Come arouse ye, arouse ye, my brave Buckeye boys!
Take the ax and to labor away!
The sun is up with ruddy beam
The Buckeye blooms beside the stream;
Come, arouse ye, etc.

Love ye not, love ye not, O my brave Buckeye boys
To rally with Tippecanoe?
For the hero, patriot, brave and free
Waits to assert your liberty!
Love ye not, etc.

To the polls, to the polls then my brave Buckeye boys,
To the rescue then haste ye away.
The cup we fill, the hard cider pass
In friendship around until the last;
With a shout, with a shout, go the brave Buckeye boys
With young Tip to the White House away.


Ohio is “The Buckeye State.”

Tippecanoe (and “Tip”)  is Harrison.

Hard cider is a reference to the Harrison campaign of 1840.

Tomorrow:  On To Victory!

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