The Clearest Case for Jury Nullification That I’ve Ever Seen

The person  (or one of the people) who  exposed the Steubenville Rapists has been charged with computer hacking, and faces ten years in jail.  The indictment was handed down a week ago on Thursday, the 7th of July.

The two convicted rapists got one and two years, and both of them are already out and back on the football team, one after serving just ten months.  (This was another case like the infamous Stanford rape:  “Look!  There’s a drunk girl!  Let’s rape her!” where the perp got six months.  Difference being that the young lady in Steubenville was not only drunk, she was underage so that even if she had been cold stone sober she would still have been unable to give valid consent.)

Again, athletes get off easy.

In the Steubenville case, if not for the hackers, no one would have even heard of the crime, let alone shamed local authorities into prosecuting anyone.

More here:

Deric Lostutter Legal Defense: Fund Grows For KYAnonymous, Who Helped Expose Steubenville Rapists

Note: that defense fund no longer exists.  It is still possible to sign the petitions.

The alleged “hacker” doesn’t deserve a trial;  he should get a medal and a cash reward.

Meanwhile: Jurors.  You have the right to find someone Not Guilty regardless of what the state claims and proves.  That’s called “Jury Nullification” and is a citizen remedy to misuse of the law.  Step up and do your duty to truth, justice, and the American Way.

Note for the Confused:  If you have sex with someone without their informed consent, it’s rape.  See also: Tea or Sex.

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