Once Again, and Just As Shameless



To the tune of “Old Dan Tucker

Altered States is come to town
In all the bookstores ’twill be found
Hardcover and paperback
On a shelf or spinner rack.

So come along, alt-hist fanners
Now’s the time to show your manners
Come along, don’t be a Bozo,
Support this work at IndieGoGo.

Science fiction lads and lasses
Who aced all their hist’ry classes
Tell of how the U.S.Aes
Are different in their diverse ways.

So come along, &c.

Border, state, or foreign war
Don’t go as they did before:
A tale to please each taste and savor
Altered States has got your flavor.

So come along, &c.

No other antho is so fine,
Preorder now and beat the line
The sort of book that critics swoon on
Fund the Altered States of Union

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