Peeve of the Day

Rather than the Latinate “devastated,” I’d use the good old-fashioned English and say “forwasted.”

“For,” of course, is an intensifier, meaning “entirely” or “completely” (often negatively). You don’t see it much these days outside of “forlorn” (entirely lost), “forsaken” (completely not for the purpose of), and “forbid” (absolutely commanded against).

I’d far rather hear someone say “forbrent” (a good English word) than “incinerated” (used by those Roman guys).

Another great intensifier (not seen much these days outside of nautical use) is “dead.” As in “dead ahead” and “dead slow.” In the 19th c. the street gang the Dead Rabbits were calling themselves the Absolute Fighters (rabbit as in “rabbit punch,” not as in bunny).

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