Zombies, Pandemics, and Other Disasters

I found Fear the Walking Dead to be extremely annoying. The soldiers were intensely incompetent; the 19th century British Army — heck, the 18th century British Army — could have controlled the situation far better than these folks did.

I don’t think the writers thought through what the situation was, either for the dead rising, or for the response by everyone else, leading to the classic Idiot Plot: the plot that only works because everyone involved is an idiot.

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The Walking Dead is, of course, the standout show of the current televised post-apocalyptic lineup. What makes it good is that the showrunners have discovered how to convince the American viewing public to sit still for an extended meditation on the various approaches to living a moral life – or at least surviving – in an imperfect world: For every so-many minutes of debate by the characters on morality and philosophy, throw in an equal or greater number of minutes of zombie-smashing and gunfire. The genius lies in the show’s ability to determine just how long viewers will sit still for philosophy before a zombie needs to shamble up out of nowhere and go rarrrgh! (Also, they have figured out that philosophy is a lot more palatable when coming from bikers with biceps. Which is probably a sentiment that Plato could have understood.)

Fear the Walking Dead is a limp…

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