This coming week, 2-8 March 2014, is National Severe Weather Preparedness Week.

2013 was a pretty bad year for weather events:

In 2013, there were 7 weather and climate disaster events with losses exceeding $1 billion each across the United States. These events included five severe weather and tornado events, a major flood event, and the western drought / heat wave. Overall, these events killed 109 people and had significant economic effects on the areas impacted. Further data and figures on individual events will be announced later in the year.

2014 isn’t starting off too well as far as severe weather goes, with blizzards and severe cold. The rest of the year … anyone’s guess.

Which is why I’m going to suggest that y’all make your plans now and get your supplies together now. I’ve put together some inventory lists for go-bags, and written extensively on emergency preparedness elsewhere.

One other note: If you have a carbon monoxide detector (what do you mean you don’t?! they’re just twenty bucks! go get one…) and it’s going off, what you do is find out why, not disable it. We recently had a very sad case here in New Hampshire; three found dead, one hospitalized, and the batteries had been taken out of their CO detector.

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