The Hill Case — Part 1

What We Know and How We Know It, Part 1: What We Know: Betty and Barney were sleep deprived on the night of 19/20 September 1961 How We Know It: They were on the back side of a twelve-hundred mile road trip on two-lane blacktop.  It is possible, though I sincerely doubt it, that theyContinue reading “The Hill Case — Part 1”

I For One Welcome Our Alien Overlords

Why are they grey?  Perhaps because Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (1956) was in black-and-white…. Check out PodcastUFO, where I’ll be talking about my take on Betty and Barney Hill’s abduction, on Wednesday, 29 November.

Mars Attacks!

Due to the recent storms in the northeast and massive power outages, the scheduled Podcast UFO for tonight has been delayed.  I’ll let y’all know the rescheduled date as soon as I know it.   UPDATE 02NOV17: New date will be Wednesday the 29th of November, 8:00 pm Eastern time.  The place is Podcast UFO.Continue reading “Mars Attacks!”

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