On Suivi Point

Book Cover: On Suivi Point
Part of the Mageworlds series:
  • On Suivi Point
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Before her adventures begin in the acclaimed Mageworlds series, Beka Rosselin-Metadi was just trying to be a regular spacer, flying under an assumed name so she could experience life out from under the constant shadow of her famous war-hero parents. Her first shore-leave is on the avaricious asteroid of Suivi Point, where she and shipmate Ignaceu LeSoit set out to find themselves a good time. The good time finds them first, though, as Ignac’ is kidnapped and Beka is dragged into a murder plot.


Suivi Point thought they were just setting up a young blonde spacer for a bad night—they weren’t counting on the only daughter of the Domina and the General of the Armies of Lost Entibor getting annoyed. 


A special Debra Doyle Memorial Edition, this ebook contains updated formatting, a memorial page for the late Dr. Doyle, and an all-new "Making of" essay written by James D. Macdonald specifically for this edition.


The first thing a free-spacer learns about Suivi Point,” Ignaceu LeSoit said to his companions, “is that the people who keep their money here don’t want to have anything to do with the people who help them make it. So they want to keep the scum and riff-raff confined to the spaceport district as much as possible.”


You could say the same thing about Galcen,” Beka said. She was taller than either LeSoit or his friend Pav Eterynic, with a long blonde braid hanging down her back, and unlike them, she spoke the common Galcenian of the spaceways with the smooth accent of a native speaker. Eterynic and LeSoit had been old hands on board the Sidh when she joined the crew, and she’d let them take her under their protection for this liberty excursion in the capital city of the Suivan asteroid belt. “What’s the second thing that I’m supposed to learn?”

That one’s easy,” said Pav. “If something isn’t for sale on Suivi, then it isn’t for sale anywhere at all.”

The glidewalk ahead of them finally started moving.

Looks like the shopkeepers along here paid for slide service,” Ignac‘ said. “We’re getting into a higher-class neighborhood already.”

No class at all would be higher class than this,” Pav said. “Next set of blast doors coming up—do we pay the bribe to get through, or make our own fun on this side? I spotted a couple of places off the last branch that looked like they might be okay.”

Right you are,” Ignac‘ said. “If you don’t mind paying twice as much for a steamed dumpling and a pot of cha’a as you would downtown for a five course dinner.”

There’s other stuff, this side,” Pav said. The glidewalk carried them past a young woman who stood outside a storefront with the holosign YOUR FANCY flashing above her. Pav grinned at her. “Hello, doll!”

Hello, spacer!” the young woman said. “Looking for a good time?”

No, thanks,” Ignac‘ said. “I had a good time once. I didn’t like it.”

Come on, spacer.” She nodded her head at Beka. “I’m better bouncy than that one, I bet.”

Yeah, probably,” said Beka. “Pav, Ignac‘—don’t let me ruin your fun.”

I’m on liberty—we’re on liberty—for the next thirty-six hours,” Ignac‘ said. “Nothing and no one could possibly ruin my fun. Standing on my head in a cloaca wouldn’t even ruin my fun.”

I didn’t know you hated the ship that much,” Pav said.

I don’t hate her,” Ignac‘ replied. “She’s a pretty good ship. It’s just that the cloaca would be dirtside.”


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