Lincoln’s Sword


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The union is doomed, its death foretold in the fever dreams of Mary Todd Lincoln . . .


As a great nation's destiny is being written in blood on the battlefields of Pea Ridge and Shiloh, a grim tomorrow is foreseen by a deeply troubled first lady and interpreted by her best friend, Mercy, herself an accomplished seer. But hope appears out of the mist with the arrival of Thomas, a mysterious stranger with an astonishing mastery over time and space. Against the backdrop of the Civil War's greatest events, these three must join together to salvage a future with the aid of unlikely collaborators: the uncannily gifted Confederate captain Cole Younger, his notorious career as a bank robber as yet undetermined, and President Lincoln himself, called upon to willingly make the ultimate sacrifice.


And the key to their desperate endeavor lies in a mysterious image from Mrs. Lincoln's tortured visions—a magical sword which, when wielded, will bring redemption . . . or destruction.


The stellar writing team of Debra Doyle and James Macdonald work their magic once again with Lincoln’s Sword—a gem of alternate Civil War history that brilliantly compliments their superb Land of Mist and Snow. A remarkable blending of fact and fantasy, Lincoln’s Sword transports readers to the heat and fire of a very different War Between the States—as the fate of the Union rests with a traveler from the future and in the prophetic dreams of First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln.

Reviews:Shedrick Pittman-Hassett on Shroud Magazine Book Reviews wrote:

"The novel's tight pace and multiple points of view keep the reader interested throughout. Further, the use of mysticism and magic within the historical period are handled with a light touch and do not overwhelm the overall story. [...] Lincoln's Sword is a good read."

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