Alas, the Alarm Clock Had Yet to be Invented

The political dancing Jack: a holiday gift for sucking Whigs!!

Written for the National Clay Minstrel.

Tune. — The Cracovienne.

Ye voters all throughout the land,
For Clay and Freedom nobly stand,
In the brick-bat Tyler’s place,
Clay must rub out our land’s disgrace.

Wake up Whigs, all come along,
(Repeat) For Harry Clay we’ll go it strong.

Now Freedom raps at ev’ry door,
As once she did in days of yore,
All men of Clay she bids arise,
And where’s the wretch who’d shun her cries,
Of wake up Whigs, &c.

In every house there is a man,
For ev’ry man a vote, to fan
The glorious fire of Freedom, on
Then up, before that fire is gone.
Wake up Whigs, &c.

On each man’s vote hangs ev’ry right
Of peace, or comfort, and delight,
On each man hangs his freedom fair,
Then let him hang back if he dare.
Wake up Whigs, &c.

On each man hangs a right to hang,
The daring “White house” gambling gang,
Who sold our country’s fame away,
And now are feasting on the pay.
Wake up Whigs, &c.

Clay, it was our mother’s earth.
Clay fed man since creation’s birth,
To Clay we go, — then go for Clay,
And you shall live to bless the day.
Wake up Whigs, &c.


The first adjustable mechanical alarm clock was patented in 1847.  The Whigs could have used one.

A “brick-bat” here is an uncomplimentary remark.

Given that Clay was a notorious card-player,  knocking Tyler for “white house gambling” was pretty gutsy. So I’m probably missing something here.

Tomorrow: Facts For the People

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