Where are Your Orations Now?

Going to Texas after the election of 1844


TUNE. — The Campbells are coming.

The orator’s coming, huzza, huzza!
The orator’s coming, huzza, huzza!
The orator’s coming, our nation to save,
From the grasp of false Tyler, the despotic knave,
The bold demagogues that would ruin our state,
Must yield to our Solon, and Cicero great,
He has long lit our halls with his eloquence bright,
‘Tis he can bring day ‘mid our nation’s drear night.
Our orator’s coming, huzza, huzza!
Our orator’s coming, huzza, huzza!
Our orator’s coming, our nation to save.
And drive from her temple each false ruling knave.

Each vile speculator with foreigners joined,
To take from our country the money she’s coined,
His tariff shall rob them of their tyrannous hold.
And our own manufactures he’ll nobly uphold.
Our orator’s coming, &c.

The false hearted statesmen who change ev’ry hour,
Moved only by avarice, plunder and power,
His wisdom shall sweep the proud knaves from their throne,
And each honest toiler shall then get “his own.”
Our orator’s coming, &c.

Then freemen arouse, and with united voice,
But all through the land for the chief of our choice,
And let not the cause of the people once rest,
‘Till triumphant our orator comes from the west.
Our orator’s coming, &c.


A couple of famous orators are mentioned here: Solon, the lawgiver, of Greece, and Cicero of Rome.

The Whigs really didn’t like John Tyler.  (“Despotic knave” is one of those “When you say that, smile” kinda phrases.)  They favored high protective tariffs.  They opposed annexing Texas.

The “west” refers to Kentucky.

Tomorrow: The Farmer of Kentucky

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