President Tyler’s Nose

A portrait of Tyler
John Tyler’s Nose

Apparently Mr. Hood of Philadelphia needed  five lines after the last song and before beginning the next, to fill the page.  So he printed this bit:

The Madisonian says that the “Tyler men are willing to count noses with the Van Buren men any day.” The Tylerites do not number very many noses, but then they can exhibit one nose, that of his Accidency, equal at to least a dozen common noses.


The Madisonian, or, The People’s Free Press, was a newspaper in Havre de Grace, Maryland.

The Van Buren men would be the Democrats.

“His Accidency” was a name given to Tyler by the Whigs after the death of Harrison–because no one expected a vice president to be elevated (it had never happened before). He became president by accident, with a play on the honorific “His Excellency.”

Tomorrow: The Deeds of Clay!

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